Over the last year, I have made it a mission of mine to finally tackle my gaming backlog, the ever-growing list of games that for years I had never tried to get round to playing, but really wanted to. Overall, it has been a resounding success; I discovered what is probably my favourite RPG of all time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, played multiple indie games such as Firewatch and the Ori series, with all these games giving me an immense satisfaction in their quality and the enjoyment I received from them.

However, there has been one game that…

The Top Spin Demo is probably the reason I’m interested in Tennis.

With the recent release of the wildly popular demo for Outriders, a new 3rd person Looter shooter from People Can Fly, it got me thinking; why has there not been a demo like this for so long? While the game itself is not to my taste, it was so refreshing to play a demo that is this transparent with its audience, giving a whopping 4 hours of content, as well as rewards and upgrades that carry over into the main game if you end up purchasing.

While this is quite refreshing, it also made me feel quite sad. How have…

You know, there is always a moment before I am about to start playing Video Games where I go through a certain thought process. It usually goes like this: I start to think of what I am going to play, and all the same ideas come up — should I continue my Fallout New Vegas playthrough, or continue to raise my fledgling army in Mount And Blade: Bannerlord?

However, all these possibilities become insignificant when one certain thought heads into my mind, eventually consuming all else and then leading me to my usual outcome — Pro Evolution Soccer, aka PES.

What can be said about Halo: Combat Evolved that has not been said already? Now 20 years old, it is such a legendary (pun intended) piece of gaming history that it is easy to understate it. Not only is it one of the greatest games ever made, but it also: revolutionised FPS games on consoles, created a franchise that has sold over 60 million copies, and is pretty much the sole reason the Xbox was not dead-on arrival when it released.

It is also the first video game that I ever played, with my Dad in split-screen coop. My memories…

It seems like a lifetime ago that Daniel Craig decided to risk “slashing his wrists,” and announce that he was going to play James Bond for one final send off. Although the trailers have been promising, alongside the cast and crew being incredibly stacked with talent, there are still concerns on my part about the last film in Craig's Bond era with No Time to Die. So, let us get into why and in order to do that, lets recap on Craigs Bond movies up to this point.

Craig’s tenure as Bond has been better than most. He started with…

Bungie always did make awesome cover art.

It feels odd to begin this retrospective series at the end of Bungie’s Halo journey, but as I have decided to do this replay of the Halo games in chronological order, it shall be where we begin. For some quick housekeeping before we dive in, I shall clear some things up. This is just a look at all the campaigns of Halo, not their multiplayer components, although I will probably do a post talking about all of them at some point.

Furthermore, I will be playing all the campaigns on Heroic difficulty for two reasons: One, Bungie have always stated…

Hi everyone! Well, when I say everyone, more accurately welcome to the one person who has mistakenly stumbled onto this blog. Before starting any proper content, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know what sort of blog this is going to be.

So yeah, hi. I am Robbie, a media graduate who at the moment has way too much free time on his hands. From an early age, I have been told that I seem to have an opinion on a quite worrying amount of Video Games and Films, and if I am being…

Robbie Pullan

Hello! Names Robbie, Media graduate, currently spending my free time playing Video Games, watching some Films and writing about them.

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